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When is the best time to visit Iceland

When is the best time to visit Iceland? The North Atlantic island is getting ever more popular and more tourists are coming each year.

We often get questions like this, what time of year is the best to see the Northern lights, the Dynjandi Waterfall or experience the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon.

Sometimes these are easy to answer, but often it is hard to find the perfect time to experience all the natural attractions and phenomenons people wish to see.

So, basically there’s not a good simple answer to this question, because it relies on what you wish to see in Iceland.

So, there is no best time to visit Iceland?

Oh, but there is. However, it is of course relative, and the answer we give here is based on our preferences.

So, in our opinion the best time to visit Iceland is in the autumn, late August, September and early October.

Why the Autumn?

First of all, Iceland is getting ever more popular and more tourists come each year. This means that during the high seasons, the summer and around Christmas, it can get hard to book the perfect hotel room.

Not to mention that most of the popular natural attractions, such the Golden Circle, is crowded from dawn til dusk. If you wish to steer clear of the crowds, you need to visit during the lower seasons.

But wait, there’s more…

In the Autumn you still enjoy decent weather, temperatures above 0°C during the day and most roads are still open. The nature is dressed in vibrant colors and if you are into photography, this the TIME to be in Iceland.

Also, there’s a good chance you’ll experience the Northern Lights as well, because the nights are dark and often we have clear night skies during this season.

Did we mention the colors? Just imagine walking behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, while the Northern Lights dance across the starlit sky. This alone makes the Autumn such a great season in Iceland.

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