5 great places to propose

Asking someone to marry you is a big of a deal and many wish to make that moment as special and memorable as possible. Finding the right time and the right place is monumental and Iceland offers many great locations to pop the big question. Here are 5 great places to propose.

There are many great places and attractions in Iceland where you can propose to your partner and we have helped many people find the right spot at the right time. Here’s a short list of 5 superb and unique places where you can pop the big question.

Hraunfossar waterfalls

Hraunfossar waterfalls are one of kind waterfalls. Aptly named Hraunfossar or Lava waterfalls, the water sprouts forth from beneath the lava, with moss and birch creating a pristine and wonderful backdrop. These falls are spectacular and unique, making them a perfect setting for a romantic proposal.

The Sun Voyager

This beautiful, gleaming steel sculpture in Reykjavik is one of the most popular landmark in Reykjavik. On still summer evenings the sun colours the sea water and casts wonderful shadows dancing over the bay. The sculpture was essentially envisaged as an ode to the sun, symbolising light and hope. What could be a more fitting setting to a proposal?

The Diamond Beach

What a fitting name for a place to slip a diamond ring on your future partner’s finger! Not far from the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, you will find a black sand beach where there are hundreds of beached icebergs. The sea water has washed them, making the look like diamonds in the sand.

Thingvellir National Park

There are perhaps few places in Iceland that are as popular as Thingvellir National Park. And no wonder, this place is not only a geological wonder, but also a place ripe with history. It also offers many places with a great view, which make the perfect backdrop for the proposal.

Beneath the Northern Lights

We saves the best for last. Proposing beneath the Northern Lights is perhaps the single most popular setting for a proposal and we’ve have helped so many couples find the right spot and the opportune moment to pop the big question.

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