See the Puffins in Iceland

The Puffins in Iceland are one of the most iconic birds of the North-Atlantic island. Here are the best places to spot them.

The puffin is a peculiar bird. The multi-coloured beak and the small stature makes the bird almost clown-like, yet still it carries itself with pride and watches vigilant over their young.

There are many great places where you can spot these beautiful birds in their natural habitat. Here’s a list of our favourite spots.

The Westman Islands

The small archipelago south of Iceland is one of the largest puffin colony in the world. The islands are volcanic and the largest island, Heimaey island, erupted in 1973, causing a mass evacuation of the island.

Heimaey island is probably the single best place to spot puffins in Iceland. You can embark on a boat ride around the island and see where the puffins return to their undergound nests from their hunt out on sea.

Visiting Heimaey island is a great detour, while exploring the South Coast. The ferry ride takes 20 minutes and there are both great museums and restaurants in Heimaey.

Reykjavik and Faxafloi bay

You don’t have to leave Reykjavik to spot puffins. You can embark on a boat ride and explore the many islands in Faxafloi bay. There you can spot puffins during summer time.

There are many islands in the bay and many different species of sea birds make their nests there. If you like birding, we recommend a boat ride on the bay.

Dyrholaey promontory

Dyrholaey in Myrdal valley is a huge landmark in the South Coast. On either side of the promontory vast black sand beaches stretch out. Rising from the sea, just outside Dyrholaey, are the Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks.

Many species of seabirds make their nests in the sea stacks and the promontory, among them are puffins. Luckily, Dyrholaey and the Black Sand Beaches are almost a mandatory stop while exploring the South Coast of Iceland.

Breidafjordur bay

There are more islands and islets in Breidafjordur bay than you could ever count. It is a nigh impossible task to figure out their number.

This makes the bay a superb nesting place for many species of birds. You will find eagles, arctic terns, seagulls and, of course, puffins there.

A boat tour amidst the islands is a great experience, especially if you choose to try the Viking sushi, which makes the tour tasty as well as interesting.

Latrabjarg sea cliffs

Latrabjarg sea cliffs in Westfjords are hard to reach. You must traverse over high heaths on muddy roads, but the trip is more than worth it.

Latrabjarg sea cliffs host the largest concentration of seabirds in Iceland. The cliffs stretch for over 14 kilometers and are over 440 meters high at their highest point.

This is a great place to spot puffins. You might also spot redshanks, auks, murres, kittiwakes and fulmars, and if you are really lucky, you might see an arctic fox or two on the prowl for prey in the cliffs.

See the Puffins in Iceland

If you wish to see the puffins in Iceland just reach out. We are more than happy to help you arrange the perfect tour to see the puffins in Iceland.

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