Skogafoss is a 60 meter high waterfall in South Iceland and one of the most popular stops along the South Coast. Skogara river is fed by two glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull

Skogafoss is one of the most picturesque waterfall in Iceland. It falls straight down 60 meters (197 ft) and forms a beautiful veil of water. On sunny days you will most likely be rewarded with a spectacular rainbow or two in the spray from the waterfall.

Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss are often included in Golden Circle tours, since these are both a great attraction. You can hike to the top of Skogafoss waterfall, though you must climb the 370 steps to the top. However, it is really rewarding since it offers a breathtaking view of the waterfall and the Solheimasandur beach.

For hikers, Skogafoss is often the starting point of the Fimmvorduhals hiking trail. The trail passes between Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull glaciers and ends in the beautiful national park, Thorsmork. If you are into hiking, this is a great hike which offers you a chance to see glaciers up-close and a brand new lava, not to mention the view from either side of the mountain pass.

The folk tale of Skogafoss

As the story goes, a viking named Thrasi hid all his treasure beneath the waterfall. He supposedly had hoarded much gold and silver. Many people have tried to find the treasures and according to legend, one young man almost succeeded.

He found a chest loaded with coins and artifacts and tied a rope around one of the chest handle rings. As he was pulling the chest free, something pulled back and the only thing that came free was the chest handle ring.

You can see the ring at the church at Skogar.

Would you like to see Skogafoss?

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