Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks are a distinctive landmark in South Iceland, not far from land by the village Vik in Myrdal valley.

Reynisdrangar sea stacks are a huge landmark, no far off the coast by the cozy village Vik in Myrdal valley.

The basalt sea stacks are about 66 meters high (over 200 feet) and are teeming with nesting Arctic terns, fulmars and puffins, making Vik in Myrdal an ideal spot for those interested in Birding.

You can see the sea stacks from the highway, but there’s also a good path which you can follow to reach the Black Sand Beach, which offers an even greater view of the monumental rock formations.

The legend of Reynisdrangar

As the story goes, two trolls went out and caught a three-mast ship. The trolls ensnared it and pulled towards the shore.

However, the sun rose before they reached land and were thus turned to stone and the ship as well.

Treacherous waves

Please be advised, that the waves in Reynisfjara beach can be quite treacherous. The pull is very strong and you need to stay away from the water, when enjoying the Black Sand Beach and Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks.

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