The Black Sand Beach by Vik village and Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks are one of the most iconic natural attraction in Iceland. Many tourist stop there every year to enjoy a spectacular view of the North Atlantic. 

As you come closer to the southern most part of Iceland, the strange and majestic Reynisdrangar sea stacks come into view. The sea stacks are a visual trademark for the village of Vik in Myrdal valley. According to myth, there once were two trolls pulling a three-mast ship to the shore, but they were caught by the sunlight and turned into stone.

The Reynisdrangar are teeming with birdlife, so if you are into birding, this is a must-see. You will find Arctic Terns, Fulmars, Seagulls and Puffins there during summer, tending to their nests. So, bring some good binoculars along and enjoy the view.

The Black Sand Beach

One of the many peculiarities of Iceland is the fact that you will find beaches here with black sand. The sand is mostly due to volcanic activity and sediments from glaciers. There are many glacial rivers in South Iceland that are loaded with debris, sand and very fine sediments, that make the rivers appear cloudy.

The beach is within a reasonable hiking distance from Vik village and the path is easy to traverse. However, please be advised, that the Black Sand Beach is not a regular beach, and the waves can get very dangerous. Make sure you do not wade in the water and if you are travelling with children, hold their hands at all times, especially during windy conditions and at high tide. The pull is very strong and one wave can easily pull you out.

The Lava Show in Vik Village

While in Vik village, we fully recommend that you check out the superb Lava Show. There you can see real, glowing red hot lava. Seats need to be booked in advance, something that we are more than happy to help you with.

Feel free to reach out if you need help with arranging the perfect private South Coast tour in Iceland.