Iceland is one of the best places in the world to experience the elusive Northern Lights. Experiencing the Auroras dance across the blackened night sky is a breathtaking experience and one that you will never forget. 

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon created by the sun. Though Auroras can be seen around most of the Northern Hemisphere, the best places to see the lights are near the polar circle and during the dark, cold winter months, where there’s little light pollution. Which in turn makes Iceland the ideal place to go hunting for the Northern Lights. We know many a great aurora spotting sites, but of course, weather is always a factor and even though we often have clear night skies here in Iceland the auroras can be elusive.

The best time to spot the Auroras

We often get asked when is the best time to see the auroras. The answer is in fact quite simple, in the winter time. In Iceland the night’s are as bright as day during summer and therefore the chances to see the Northern Lights during summer are none. However, once the nights start to turn dark again our chances increase and the absolute best time is after equinox in September, since you will have cold, clear, dark nights.

Where to find the Northern Lights

We are more than willing to help you see the Northern Lights and our driver guides are experienced aurora hunters. You can see the Auroras even in Reykjavik, though they have to exceptionally vivid, due to the light pollution. However, you best chances are by leaving the city and find a place where you have clear skies and no light pollution. In order to get the perfect aurora photo, we recommend that you make sure you have a good backdrop for your image.