The lighthouses of Reykjanes peninsula are beautiful and spectacular. We can help you find each and every one.

Not far from Reykjavik you find Reykjanes peninsula. The area is characterized by vast lava fields, geothermal hot springs and volcanoes. There are many great attractions to be found in Reykjanes, such as the famous Blue Lagoon and the Bridge between Continents.

The lighthouses of Reykjanes have been an attraction for a long time, especially among photographers. These buildings have played a significant role in Iceland, after all, we’ve always been seamen. Lighthouses have therefore played an important role in helping ensuring the safety of seafarers.

Garðskagaviti lighthouse

Gardskagi is the northernmost tip of Reykjanes peninsula and the gateway into Faxafloi bay. The first lighthouse was erected there in 1897, a 12.5 meter high rectangular building, which had an oil lamp and a large light amplifier. A small house stood next to the lighthouse, where the keeper lived. The keeper needed to go every four hours and wind up the clockwork that made the amplifier turn around the lamp.

Sea eroded the land around the old lighthouse and therefore a new lighthouse was needed. In 1944 a new house was built, one that is 28 meters high, making it the highest lighthouse in Iceland.

Reykjanesviti lighthouse

At the southernmost tip of the peninsula stands a beautiful whitewashed lighthouse. This is the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, called Reykjanesviti Lighthouse.

The first Reykjanesviti lighthouse was built in 1878, but it was destroyed in an earthquake eight years later. At that time it was the most advanced structure to be built in Iceland.

The current lighthouse was built 1907 and 1908. It was designed by the architect Frederik Kjorbo and the engineer Thorvald Krabbe, both from Denmark.  It is a 26.7-meter high concrete construction with traditional looks. The lighthouse was illuminated in 1929. Its focal plane measures 73 meters above sea level.

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