Faxi Waterfall is located in the South Iceland, along the Golden Circle route. The waterfall is in the river Tungufljot, only 12 kilometers from the famous Geysir hot spring area. 

Faxi is by many people considered to be a small version of Gullfoss waterfall. The waterfall, which can be found in Tungufljot river not far fram the Golden Circle route, is beautiful and in a serene and peaceful landscape. The river is a popular salmon fishing river and in the summer time you can often spot a salmon or two trying to jump the waterfall and even at times fishermen trying to catch the salmons.

It is possible to get real close to the waterfall since the locals have built a wooden pathway and there are many great photo spots there, where you can shoot some really great photos.

The waterfall itself is about 80 meters wide and over 7 meters high. It was also once named Vatnsleysufoss or the Waterfall with not Water, though it has never lacked any water. Tungufljot river is served by lake Sandvatn, which is a powerful source of fresh water.

Access to Faxi waterfall

Faxi waterfall is open all year round and it is a great stop along the Golden Circle route. We are more than happy to add a stop like this to any Golden Circle tour.