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Experience Iceland

Now is the best time to experience Iceland. Enjoy the untouched nature, listen to the silence and breath the fresh air.

Iceland opens June 15th and we can safely say that the outbreak in Iceland is good as over. There are very few cases of Covid 19 at this very moment and health authorities have assured the government that we can open our borders again.

Which is great, because the summer is here, the grass is green and all the migrating birds have laid their eggs. Iceland is wondrous during summer, not only the breathtaking nature, but also the vivid light, the fresh air and bright nights.

Travel during summer

In the past few years, travelling in Iceland during summer, meant that most of the main attractions were crowded. Well, at least from an Icelanders point of view. We are mere 360.000 people, sharing 104.000 km2 piece of land. Our sense of personal space differs greatly from most people that live in big cities.

This year, due to Covid, there will not be as many tourists here in Iceland as usual. Which means that you will be able to experience Iceland as Icelanders do.

What is the best way to experience Iceland?

We are often asked, what is the best way to experience Iceland? Our answer to that is, that to truly find the uniqueness and extra-ordinary thing about Iceland, you need to have an Icelandic guide or a travel companion.

You need someone that knows where to stop, where to find the locations where you can listen to the silence, feel the fragile balance of the elemental forces at work and enjoy the breathtaking colours and vistas of this unique country.

Someone who knows both the main attractions and all those hidden spots and places where you can experience something spectacular.

A private tour with a local expert guide

We can provide you with a luxury vehicle and a local expert driver guide. All our vehicles are high-end Mercedes Benz and we always make sure that your safety comes first. We are discreet and take pride on offering only top service.

Feel free to reach out. We are more than happy to help you arrange the perfect private tour in Iceland and make sure that you experience Iceland in the best possible way.

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