Enjoying the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is without a doubt the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. The blue waters, the alien landscape and the fabulous spa makes this place one of a kind.

There’s no place like the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The milky blue waters right in the middle of a large lava field are strange and alien in itself. Knowing that the waters have therapeutic effect and that the white mud has beneficial effect on your skin, makes the place a whole lot more interesting. The fact that it has a high-end, luxury spa, hotel and restaurant only makes the attraction even more worth the visit.

The Blue Lagoon spa – The Retreat

Whether you’re just stopping for a night or two, or enjoying a vacation in Iceland, paying a visit to the Blue Lagoon spa is unforgettable. You will enjoy the best of what the Blue Lagoon has to offer.

Either before, during or after the spa we recommend that you stop by the Spa restaurant and enjoy a great meal, experiencing the fresh, local, seasonal pleasures of Iceland.

The spa itself offer many great amenities, such as the Retreat lagoon, treatments and massages and the Lava Cove, all of which enhance your experience in the Blue Lagoon.

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